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Product Description

Phoenix - Product Description

Why use Pheonix?

  • Over 30 Years specialist experience in design, manufacture & testing of intumescent coatings

  • Water based products providing up to 90 minutes FRP

  • The most competitive 60 minute product available on the market

  • Up to 50% less DFT on structural steel beams compared to other leading brands

  • The lowest DFT for structural hollow sections

  • High quality manufacture from Europe (BS EN ISO 9001:1994)

Why Fire Protection?

  • Safety of people

  • Allows means of escape and fire-fighting to take place

  • Building regulations

  • Insurance requirements

What is an Instumescent Coating?

When exposed to temperatures of above 200o the coating will expand between 50 - 100 times of its original size producing a char. This char acts as an insulating layer to the steelwork and reduces the rate of heating.

Advantages of Instumescent Coating
Freedom of design
Space Saving
 Fast Application
 Dust / Fibre Free
 Maintenance Free
 Environmentally Friendly