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By using Admiral marine product, all ship owners will get benefit, not only because it  provides long-term protection from corrosion, but also is very efficient in usage.

Some of Admiral marine products are environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is safe to be applied on ships that travel for the international routes. It can be used on various types of ship such as cargo ship, semi container, tanker, landing craft transportation (LCT), tugboat, barge, floating crane, accommodation work barge (AWB), ferry, and even wooden or aluminum fishing boat.

Compared to others, Admiral product has more advantages such as high-volume solid, long-term corrosion protection, quick drying and easy to apply, hence increasing the efficiency of work.

Development of Admiral’s products nowadays is to fulfill he market demand of industrial paint for electronic and home appliances, steel office equipment, drum and can manufacture and floor coating for hotels and apartments.

Admiral’s floor coating is an excellent abrasion, impact and chemical resistant epoxy system base that has good adhesion to concrete and steel substrate. It has a conventional system with thickness ranging from 250 to 400 microns and a self-leveling system with a thickness range of 1 to 3 mm.

With all the great features of Admiral Products, we believe that we will be on the top of your list for your valuable assets protection.